yes but I am not el dentuso

I promise promise promise that I will not steal your prize no no breakfast in bed at the City Arms for me because I am sailing today you see I will rise up higher can I she is leaning over me now and I can smell her lavender and pear and cardamom fragrance so lightly applied as not to offend her patients sensibility and hackled health she really is beautiful and young you must have worked very hard and smart I say but she is purposed and now her petite breasts are quite close she is leaning over is she really leaning over me yes yes doctor she is leaning over you her hair is auburn and eyes hazel and she smells of lavender and pear and cardamom but I cant be leaned over no no breakfast in bed at the City Arms for me she has earned and been decorated after all and she knows that I am sailing today hello doctor she says you are okay but I don’t know to whom she is speaking I am gurneyed she cannot be my interlocutor but I both know and don’t know you know I whisper yes she is speaking to you do you think that you can scoot over to your bed she is asking someone to scoot I have heard that question many times before she is deftly symbolic in her power and gathers her blue shirt fellows to assist the scootings did you say something doctor she asks sweetly what did you say I am not el dentuso I reply I am sailing today and I cannot steal your prize please help me with your provençalian aromas sweetening and decorated breasts arousing but you cannot do this you say you are the doctor and you do not eat at the Arms

hi annie how are you I remember seeing you wait when was it not long ago she says but you have been sailing yes yes annie I remember I was floating on the gentle swells of the antiseptic ocean bump just a little bump you hear from behind threatening to run your smooth vessel aground this is the sixth you say surgical specialties inpatient annie your shirley temple curls are hidden are you working did you just come from the operating room how are you she repeats just fine I say why do you ask I say you know im sailing today its the patient here you see the patient is just arriving from the recovery room sailing through the corridors warm aqua current concentrating concentrating on heading south southwest to cuba but are you warm enough she asks I can get you another blanket out of the warmer she says let me get you covered and warm she says are you in pain she asks I have an aliquot you see no no I am headed to havana I reply I am running the wind and current all the way down to havana I am running because I am not el dentuso

lets go ahead and grab a pressure and oh too sat first I say thank you the patient has no pain I observe the goings on yes the patient is well vitals are good doctor thank you I reply but no one acknowledges carry on I say intact peripherals I hear a blue shirt shout but wait how is it that I feel the blue shirt on my toes wiggle wiggle little toes yes so you see you must be mistaken because I am not el dentuso but I have fought him you see I tell the blue shirt but she does not believe me he knows the serrated bite of oxaliplatin the doctor tells her so do not listen to him he says he cannot feel he says he has no feelings I know thats what you think I cry I know but I do have feelings doctor

lavender says to start the lr at one two five yes I concur but things are getting out of control and lets get the dilaudid sorted but lavender does not respond to the doctor she is dancing you see she is the prima and cannot be disturbed blue shirts fall in step but the spotlight is hers alone and she pulls the patient to his feeling feet to dance with her he can feel the toes the harried doctor exclaims I was mistaken he barks there is only chaos now yes yes pull him up he says he needs to dance up up there are the lights of havana the doctor screams trim the sails tight and dance dance with the gale and gulf stream he screams screaming he has lost all control the patient says the doctor has become madly addled he says dont listen to him he is lost on his antiseptic ocean but the blue shirts have heard him anyway lavender spins with the grace of omniscience her blues are floating too and her auburn whisps and whisps and the patient sweeps through her golden hurricane spiral clean the doctor is uncontrollably intoxicated restrain him a blue shirt shouts lavender spins and spins and spins secure the gunwales a blue shirt implores lavenders hazel burns the doctor tears at his eyes and she smiles havana havana screams the doctor to hell with the City Arms he screams I can feel wiggle wiggle little piggies wiggle wiggle he screams to everyone and no one

no soy dentuso the patient sighs crumbling

yo vivo

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